Christian church

Church is absolutely different people of various ages and with different background that are united in their love for Jesus and desire to reach everyone around with His love, hope and light. We believe that church should be full of life, joy and tranforming presence of God. When you visit any of the services of Kharkiv Christian Church, you will experience just that.

Our values

Love God, love people


Kharkiv Christian Church was started in 1992 by a missionary Charlotte Lindgren and since then it has been a place where thousands of people from different nations heard the Good News of Jesus Christ that has changed their lives, bringing deliverance, healing, joy and restoration.

06.07.2019 10:00

Weekend service

Kharkiv Christian Church-KhTZ

Our pastors
Peter Kovalenko
Peter Kovalenko

Leading pastor of KhCC for over 20 years. Author of the book "Bible in One Year" and TV-programs "Sector of Life" and "Eternal Truths".

Anton Kraft
Anton Kraft

Youth pastor of KhCC. Dedicated over 17 years to serving youth and teenagers.

Ivan Danez
Ivan Danez

Regional pastor and pastor of a partner chuch in Dergachi.